AFPS Conference 2023

Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2023
"Collaboration for Breakthroughs in Pharmaceutical Sciences"

November 8 - 10, 2023 | Foreign Relations Hotel, 33C Pham Ngu Lao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Certificates of attendance and/or appreciation will be emailed to participants next week. Certificates of attendance and/or appreciation will be emailed to participants next week.





-        All posters accepted for the AFPS Conference will be displayed in digital format only on high-resolution monitors. All Poster presentations will be in multimedia E-Posters.

-        Authors are requested to be at their assigned monitors for the specified period. During this time, authors should be available for discussions about the E-Poster. A formal presentation will be necessary (the schedule will be provided).

-        You will receive your program number and computer assignment before the meeting. However, upon arrival, check the program to confirm the day, time, and monitor your presentation, in case there have been last-minute changes.


Poster size and orientation:

-        All posters will be in portrait orientation, and all information (text, data, photos, and figures) must appear within one slide.

-        If you design your E-Poster in PowerPoint (PPT), all information must be displayed within one slide only. Use Page Setup and choose Slide Size: “Custom (Width 108 cm, Height 190 cm)” with a Portrait (vertical) orientation. Click here for the template poster.

-        Save your PPT in JPG or PNG format.

-        The monitors used for e-poster presentations have a resolution of 9:16 (1080 x 1920 pixels) in Portrait orientation. All presenters must set the resolution of their e-posters to match the monitors'.

Essential Information to Include on E-Poster:

-        The poster should be written only in English.

-        The e-poster presentation file should be named as "lastname_firstname-code number".

-        Title of the E-Poster (should be brief and match the submitted abstract).

-        Names and affiliations of all authors (each author marked with a superscript Arabic number (such as 1, 2) with their corresponding institute affiliation and addresses).

-        The logo of the affiliated institution/university should be placed in the upper left corner.

-        Use Arial font throughout the poster, ensuring readability from 1.5 meters distance. The title and subheadings should be in bold. Avoid italics as it can be harder to read from a distance.

-        Use 2-3 colors for the presentation, ensuring contrast with the font for easy reading. Avoid bright or dark backgrounds and textures that distract readers.

-        Ensure photographs or figures used in the poster are of sufficient size for clarity, with a minimum 300-dpi resolution.

-        Organize graphs and tables well, using a readable font size.

-        Content of poster presentation:

+ Research (Introduction, Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusion, References, and Acknowledgment).

+ Literature Review (Introduction, Literature studies, Discussion, Conclusion, and References).

-        Include a Declaration of Conflict of Interest for all authors; if there are no conflicts, state this on the poster.

-        Optionally, provide contact details for interested delegates.

-        Present data in units generally accepted in scientific publications (preferably the international metric system).

-        At the footer/bottom of the poster, note: Presented at: Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2023.


-        The Committee only accepts e-posters in JPG or PNG format.

-        Submit your e-Poster to or

-        The deadline for E-Poster submission is October 25th, 2023

-        Failure to submit your e-poster by the deadline will result in your presentation being canceled.