AFPS Conference 2023

Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2023
"Collaboration for Breakthroughs in Pharmaceutical Sciences"

November 8 - 10, 2023 | Foreign Relations Hotel, 33C Pham Ngu Lao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Certificates of attendance and/or appreciation will be emailed to participants next week. Certificates of attendance and/or appreciation will be emailed to participants next week.



Regulations for the AFPS Nagai Distinguished Scientist Award 2023

1. Aim

The aim of the AFPS Nagai Distinguished Scientist Award 2023 is to honor the Founder President of AFPS, Prof. Tsuneji Nagai, by making an award to an eminent Asian pharmaceutical scientist whose research in the field of pharmaceutical sciences is particularly distinguished, at the AFPS Conference 2023 that will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, from 8th to 10th November 2023.

2. Recipient and Administration

The Award Recipient will receive the sum of 3,000 US Dollar, a complimentary registration to AFPS 2023, and a plaque. The total cost of the Award is borne by The Nagai Foundation Tokyo.

3. Award Committee

The Award Committee is composed of 7 members appointed by the AFPS Executive Committee. The Award Committee members should be chosen for their internationally recognized expertise in a discipline belonging to the pharmaceutical sciences and should be well balanced across the different parts of Asia. The term of office is four years with no re-election. The chair is appointed by the Executive Committee. The Executive Director manages the selection processes for the Award but has no voting rights.

4. Selection of Candidates

4-1) Any members of AFPS (Ordinary Member Societies, Individual Members and Supporting Members) may nominate any other Asian scientist in the pharmaceutical sciences for this Award. The nomination must be made in writing to the Chair of the Award Committee (to be sent to Executive Director, AFPS Office), before April 01, 2023, accompanied by:


a.      CV of the candidate;

b.      List of key publications; and

c.      Letter of recommendation detailing the major achievements and contribution of the
candidate to research in pharmaceutical sciences, preferably with one or two additional letters of recommendation of one page.


All the above-mentioned nominations’ documents must be submitted via e-mail to

4-2) Officers of the AFPS Executive Committee and members of the Award Committee are not eligible for this Award during their term of office.

4-3) All nomination documents are submitted to the 7 members of the Award committee
for a first round of selection in which each voter selects two names giving a score of 2 to the first choice and a score of 1 to the second.

Then, after totaling the votes, the top 3 candidates are put into a second round of selection, in which each committee member gives a score of 3 to the first choice, 2 to the second, and 1 to the third. The candidate with the highest total score in the second round is the winner of the AFPS Nagai Distinguished Scientist Award 2023.

If there is no winner (a two-way tie) a last additional voting round takes place between the two candidates with the same total score, in which each committee member votes for a single candidate. The winner of the Award has to be approved by the Executive Committee. If the Executive Committee disapproves of this candidate, the candidate with the second highest score is the winner of the Award.

4-4) If no suitable candidates are nominated (e.g. a majority of blank votes) the Award Committee may choose not to award this Award this year.

4-5) All nominations are to be strictly confidential and are not to be divulged to anyone other than members of the Executive Committee and Award Committee.

4-6) The Executive Director will be responsible for informing the winner of the Award, and only after this may the members of both the Executive Committee and the Award Committee members divulge the identity of the winner of the Award.

4-7) The confidentiality of unsuccessful nominations is to be maintained.

5. Publicity

The announcement regulation for the AFPS Nagai Distinguished Scientist Award 2023 will be found on the website of AFPS (, in major pharmaceutical journals, in scientific journals with a broader scientific readership as well as in the newsletters of major scientific organizations in Asia. The announcement of the winner of the Award (with a brief biography) will be published in some of the above-mentioned publications.

6. Award Ceremony

The President shall inform the Council of the decision in writing. The Chair of the Award Committee shall report on the award at the opening session of the AFPS 2023 and then the Award shall be presented to the recipient. The recipient will present the Nagai Distinguished Scientist Award Lecture at the AFPS Conference 2023 on November 8-10, 2023, in Hanoi, Vietnam.