Conference AFPS 2023

Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2023
"Collaboration for Breakthroughs in Pharmaceutical Sciences"

November 8 - 10, 2023 | Hanoi, Viet Nam

ANNOUNCEMENT: Normal Registration extends to September 30th 2023 and we continue receiving abstracts for poster-presentation.!

Sponsorship Benefits


AFPS 2023 Local Organizing Committee welcomes all kinds of sponsorship from interested companies and organizations. AFPS 2023 offers sponsorship packages at various levels and all sponsors will receive exceptional benefits and recognition in return.


Benefits for General Sponsorship






* VAT Exclusive



Diamond Sponsor

500 million VND

Gold Sponsor

300 million VND

Silver Sponsor

200 million VND

Bronze Sponsor

100 million VND


50 million VND

  1. Exhibition booth

03 Standard Booths

02 Standard Booths

01 Standard Booths

01 Standard Booths

01 Standard Booths

  1. Priority to choose both location




  1. Register more booths. Each additional booth costs 50.000.000 VND

  1. Advertisement in Conference Proceedings


  1. The main logo of the sponsor appears on every product including: bandroll, backdrop, standee, photobooth, proceedings,...


  1. Organize a satellite conference in the Meeting room with available equipments (*)





  1. Have 15-min presentation by expert (**)




  1. Advertisement on the website of AFPS 2023

12 months

6 months

6 months



  1. Sponsor recognition at the Welcome party on Nov 7, 2023


  1. No registration fee for domestic participants (8-10/11/2023)

15 participants

10 participants

08 participants

04 participants



In-Kind Sponsorship Items



  1. Advertisement in Conference Syllabus

15 million VND

  1. Registering 15-minute presentation in conference sessions  (**)

40 million VND

  1. Registering satellite or private workshops

50 million VND

  1. Sponsoring conference bags, wearable cards,…

Based on number of participant


(*) The content of Satellite conference has to be submitted to the conference organizing committee before August 30, 2023.

(**) The time and content of the presentation will depend on the approval criteria of the Organizing Committee and the reputation of the speaker. The title of the presentation should be submitted by August 30, 2023, the content of the presentation should be submitted before September 30, 2023.